Technical information

Technical information

The material quality of the fender lists are designed for a long lifetime in Nordic climates, without getting brittle or being discolored. In addition to long term testing, this is documented through many years of practical use.


The fender list protects the boat against damages and gives the boat a good appearance.


Some of our fender lists are shaped to lead water over the edge, and not along the hull. This prevents drip marks on the hull and eases cleaning and maintenance. Other lists are also designed to seal against the hull to avoid dirt build up.


All our “C-lists”, meant for mounting on protruding flanges, have an internal profiling ensuring fastening to rivets and flanges. This results in a firm placement of our lists, and they are not ripped off during normal use.


Our “B-lists”, meant for flat flanges, have accompanying inserts for guarding and protection of the fastening material. Several of the B-lists are profiled to allow mounting of the list with an internal aluminium rail. This ensures a solid mounting and the list lays straight as an arrow on the flange without dents.




Our fender lists are mainly manufactured using a soft pvc quality, suited for this application due to its good mechanical properties, availability and price.


A fender list is normally exposed to lots of sun light (UV-radiation), contributing to discoloring of plastic materials over time. In our fender lists, we use raw materials recipes, developed in cooperation with the raw material manufacturer, preventing this decomposition. . This means that a fender list from Parma Plast stays nice year after year.  



Material properties




Specific Gravity

ISO/R 1183



Hardness (15 secs@23°C)

ISO/R 868


Shore A

Elongation at Break @ 500mm/min

ISO/R 527

320 %

Tensile Strength @ 500 mm/min

ISO/R 527

13 MPa

Cold Flex Temperature

ISO/R 458