Technical information

Technical information

ParmaFender®, a patented system for fendering of most types of marinas, piers, jetties etc..



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Description of the product


ParmaFender® consists of a continuous chain of air filled segments with a valve hose going through all the segments, ensuring fast and simple filling of air through the whole chain in one operation.


Inbetween every segment there is a mounting surface where one can punch holes, mount screws or nails, without damaging the fender. The pier fender can thusly be mounted on most surfaces with the help of screws, nails, strips etc.

ParmaFender can be mounted without making holes in the mounting surface, for example steel cantilevers etc. by using adapted fastening strips.


Fastening strips for use on cantilevers etc. are specially designed for maritime use with a rupture strength of up to 1150N (115kg).


ParmaFender can be placed neatly around 90 degree corners.


The material is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is soft, tough and extremely durable compared to the materials that are commonly used for fendering products, even at temperatures as low as -50°C.


The material does not stain color onto gelcoat and the black fenders are also coated with a thin transparent outer layer to ensure this.


ParmaFender is delivered in complete adapted lengths or coils, which can easily be cut by the user.


If repairs are needed, segments can easily be replaced with the use of a joint piece.



Physical data

Bryggefender, detaljtegning













  OD [mm] L [mm] A [mm] B [mm] T [mm] WT [mm] Weight [kg]
ParmaFender Ø75 75 500 70 115 9,0 4,0 0,50
ParmaFender Ø90 90 500 70 140 9,6 4,5 0,75
ParmaFender Ø115 Single 115 900 70 175 9,6 4,5 2,00
ParmaFender Ø115 110 500 70 175 9,6 4,5 1,10
Material Thermoplastic polyurethane
Hardness 87 Shore A
Recommended pressure
ca. 1 kg/cm2