Dock fendering

ParmaFender - a patented, flexible, strong and unique dock fendering system for marinas, floating docks, jetties, quays etc.

ParmaFender in stock

Here you can find a list of our assortment and accessories to the dock fendering system ParmaFender.


The dock fendering system ParmaFender can be ordered directly from us or via retailers and distributors. 

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Technical information

ParmaFender®, a patented system for fendering of most types of marinas, piers, jetties etc..

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Installation and maintenance

How to mount the ParmaFender to your pier.

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Mounting examples

Here you can find principal sketches for the most common ways to mount the dock fender.

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Photo Gallery

There exist several thousand installations of ParmaFender in the Nordic region, and here you can see a selection of these.

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